The small script rblcheck.pl, written for my Linux PC, is a perl version of Edward S. Marshall's program rblcheck. It helps to lookup DNS based services in the RBL-style. Like rblcheck this script returns 1 if at there was any match, otherwise 0 (255 in case of syntax errors).

Compared with the original rblcheck you'll find advantages and disadvantages.



The current release is 0.1.3. You may download it (9,5 kB) as:

There is a new version 0.1.4, now named "rblcheck". It returns the TXT records; so now it is also in this respect compatible to the original rblcheck. It requires the library Net::DNS (normally included in perl standard distributions) and has not been tested successfully under Microsoft Windows. You may download it (9,9 kB) as:

If you have problems with this version or want to use the script under Windows, try to use version 0.1.3 instead.

Documentation and configuration options are included in the files itself (open it with a text editor). If you just want to know possible options, start it with the option -h.

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